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Wood-fired, spanish influenced food & Drink

HOURS 4:00PM - 11:00PM
DINNER 5:00PM - 10:00PM
HAPPY HOUR 4:00PM - 6:00PM
CONTACT US: 503-477-9081

August Regional Special:

Mackerel a la plancha

Influenced by the Mediterranean sea and the hot winds of the Levant as they warm up Spain’s eastern coast line, we’re searing fresh mackerel with lentils, chorizo and fire-kissed cherry tomatoes, draped with a piparra salsa verde.

Pair with Monstant | Acústic Roast ‘18 | samsó 12/48

Samsó is the local name for the Carignan in Catalonia, home of the smaller mountainess DO of Monstant where this traditionally produced rosé is made. The subtle notes of strawberry and cherry fruits open up when paired with lively flavors of grilled fish and salsa verde.




Almonds basque chile  5 v∆
Gilda anchovy, olive, piparras  5
Artisan Bread
tomato conserva 4 v
Grilled Prawn Skewer mojo verde 6
Pork Belly Skewers chermoula 6


Ensalada Verde baby greens, smoked honey and sherry vin, popped sorghum, manchego v∆  12
Grilled Cucumber whipped feta, dukkah, lemon 12 v
Grilled Little Gems “spanish caesar”, piquillo pepper, almonds, garrotxa  12
Grilled Flatbread whipped sheep cheese, zucchini, almonds, tomatoes, urfa biber 13 ∆v


Albacore Crudo aguachile, cucumber, preserved lemon, radish 14* Burrata grilled apricot, cardoncello mushrooms, pistachio, curry 14 v
Patatas Bravas brava sauce, aioli, scallions, cilantro 7 make it extra brave! +10 Smoked Rillettes cod and pimenton, pork and pickled red onion, baguette 12
Spanish Cheese Fritters manchego, mahon, romesco, preserved lemon 13
Grilled Lamb Ribs, smoked labneh, chermoula 13 Smoked Bone Marrow escabeche, spicy toast, aioli 14
Gambas a la Plancha
kauai prawns, chile, scallion 18*
Charred Octopus
blistered padrons, salt potatoes, harissa aioli*


Pork and Clams chorizo, chickpeas, tomato, fennel, grilled bread 21
Flat Iron Steak fondue español, marinated broccoli, chips 22 *
Pollo a la Plancha
grilled carola potato, créme fraîche, piri piri 23
Braised Pork Shoulder charred corn, padrons, heirloom tomatoes, harissa butter 24


Jamón y Queso

Jamón Serrano Picante 14/oz pan con tomate, chile Valencia almonds.
Jamón Iberico de Bellota 21/oz pan con tomate, chile Valencia almonds.
Jamón Serrano & Spanish Cheese
20 Veigedart Goat’s Milk cheese, honey

Chefs Tasting menu

$50/per person (full table participation required)

After Dinner Menu

DESSERT & Pairings

Brioche Donut black lime, strawberry purée, strawberry ice cream 9
Medium Dry Amontillado | Valdespino Contrabandista +9

Potted Crema, sherried honey, bee local bee pollen
Maria Pages Solera Garnatxa d'Emporada +10

Chocolate Pudding Tart 9
Valdespino"Isabela" Cream Sherry +9

Stumptown Coffee 4

Reserve Cocktails

Añejo Daquiri, Bank’s 7 Island aged rum, Jamaican pot still rum, lime, demerara 15
Cardenal Mendoza Old Fashioned
Mudslide Flip,
Lustau East India, Tia Maria, whole egg 12

Interested in learning more about where our food comes from? Check out our purveyors & farmers!

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs, or unpasteurized milk may increase the risk of foodborne illness.
Contains nuts, v= vegetarian or vegan option available 20% gratuity added to parties of six or more.

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Spanish Lager
, “Estrella Damm” ESP. 5.2% 5/7 Rotating Seasonal IPA 5/7
Altbier Amber,
“Occidental” OR. 5% 5/7

Mexican Lager, “
Tecate” MEX. 4.5% (16oz can) 4
Gluten Free Lager,
“Daura Damm” ESP. 5.4% (12oz bottle) 5
“Occidental” OR. 4.8% (16 oz can) 7
“Ayinger” DE. 5.4% (500ml bottle) 9
Non-Alcoholic, “Clausthauler” DE. 0.45% (12 oz bottle) 5

Basque Cider
Isastegi Sagardo ESP. (12 oz draft) 9
Basque Cider
Son of Man “Madre” Sagardo indigenous apples 9/36

Topo Chico 3 |
Vichy Catalan mineral water (500ml) 6
Fever Tree tonic, ginger ale, or Cock n Bull Ginger Beer, Mexican Coca Cola, 7up, or Jarritos Grapefruit soda 4
Steven Smith tea, iced tea or house lemonade 4
Stumptown coffee, decaf or cold brew coffee 3
Pineapple-lime tonic 5
House rasperry-hibiscus soda 5


| red or sparkling | - port, maraschino, citrus 10 | 28
Vermut Service - Yzaguirre reserva, piquillo olives, twist 32 (250ml)

, ESP. Spice - cucumber, lemon, and botanicals 15
Freeland Gin, OR. Floral - hibiscus, grapefruit twist, and botanicals 13
Tanqueray Malacca, UK. Citrus - rosemary, lemon, and botanicals 11
Aviation Gin, OR. Spice - cucumber, lime, botanicals 13
Hendricks, UK. Floral - cucumber, lime, and botanicals 12

Picon Punch Royale - house picon, grenadine, lemon, cava 11
Mate con Malicia - Fernet Vallet, iced mate, citrus, mint 12
Jr’s Cafe Daiquiri
- aged rum, Tia Maria, lime, demerara 12
Cáliz - Volstead vodka, hibiscus, lemon, oleo saccharum 11
Bourbon Reign - bourbon, lemon, fig syrup, vino tinto 11
Sidra Ponche - brandy, fino, lemon, Basque sidra 11
PX Old Fashioned - Mt. Gay Rum, pedro ximénez, angostura 11
Floridita Special - Rye whiskey, picon, sweet vermouth 12

Happy Hour

4PM - 6pm


Marinated Olives 5 v
Spanish Cheese and Jamon Serrano 15
Fried Chicken
honey, garrotxa 5
Grilled Prawn Skewer
mojo verde 8
Grilled Pork Skewer chermoula 5
Grilled Cucumbers
whipped feta, dukkah, lemon 7 v
Ensalada Verde
sherry vin, sorghum, manchego 8 v Patatas Bravas bravas sauce, aïoli*, cilantro 5 v
¡Make it extra brave!
chorizo, egg, chilis +10 Spanish Cheese Fritters lemon preserve, manchego, mahon, romesco 11 v
Flatbread sheep’s milk cheese, snap peas, mint, chile vin 11
BCV Burger - Mahon, cabbage, special sauce,
and grilled onion* | add bacon +2 | 11
Manila Clams ‘Nduja, fennel, parsley, vino 11
Spanish Octopus winter citrus, chickpea, olive, calabrian chili, spicy aioli 26



17oz Draft Beer three rotating taps 5
Tecate (16oz) 3
Prfiem Pilsner (12 oz) 5
House Wine red or white 8
Sherry Flight three 1oz pours 8
Kalimotxo coca cola, red wine 7
Sherry Cobbler sherry, demerara, citrus 7
Sangria vino, brandy, citrus, demerara 8
Sidra Ponche brandy, fino, lemon, sidra 8
Bourbon Reign bourbon, fig, lemon, vino 8
Calíz vodka, hibiscus, lemon, oleo 8
PX Old Fashioned aged rum, px sherry, bitters 8


10PM - 11PM


Gilda anchovy, olive, piparra 5
Almonds basque chile 5 v ∆
5 v
Fried Chickpeas
bravas spices 4 v
paprika 4
Cheese Board 12 v aged Mahon, sheep cheese, compote
Jamón Serrano Picante 14/oz pan con tomate, chile Valencia almonds
Jamón Iberico de Bellota 21/oz pan con tomate, chile Valencia almonds
¡add a cheese! +7


Grilled Cucumber whipped feta, dukkah, lemon 12 v
Ensalada Verde
baby greens, popped sorghum, sherry vin, manchego 10 v


Beverage Especiales

DRAFTS (17 oz glass) 5
Spanish Lager,
“Estrella Damm” ESP. 5.2%
Kölsch, “pFriem” OR 4.8%
India Pale Ale, “Breakside” PDX. 6.2%

Basque Sidra, “Isastegi” ESP. 6% (12 oz glass) 8 ¡ SHERRY FLIGHT ! (three 1oz pours) 8

Kalimotxo - coca cola, red wine 7
- guava, sparkling wine, brandy, citrus 8
Sherry Cobbler -
sherry, demerara, citrus 7
Bourbon Reign
- bourbon, fig, lemon, vino 8
- vodka, hibiscus, lemon, oleo 8
Sidra Ponche
- brandy, fino, lemon, sidra 8
PX Old Fashioned
- rum, px sherry, bitters 8


Pickled Shrimp
red onion, fresh chile, aioli 6
Smoked Ham

Olive escabeche, mayo 5
Blue Cheese & Olive
black olive tapenade, pinenuts 6 v ∆
hard-boiled egg, aioli, roe 7
Smoked Cod Rillettes
pimenton, pickled red onion 5
Smoked Pork Rillettes

pickled red onion 5
Hierloom Tomato
whipped sheep cheese, chermoula 6 v

make it a bocadillo! +5

BCV About Us

Opened  in 2016

Bar Casa Vale is a cozy, wood-fired, Spanish inspired restaurant built around a comfortable bar and custom made grill. We celebrate the bounty of the  Pacific Northwest through the lens of Tapas bars in Barcelona, Sherry bodegas in Jerez, and Pintxo crawls through San Sebastian.

We love to pour gin tonics the true Spanish way, and slice Jamon Iberico de Bellota thin as it should be! You will find only the freshest seafood from the Pacific Ocean, meats from the pasture lands surrounding Portland, and vegetables grown on the farms located just down the street. 

Our motto is simple: cooking the perfect ingredients over hard wood creates the best tasting food. Join us seven nights a week at our bar, dining room, or beautiful outdoor courtyard.



"[BCV] is one of the first to capture the carefree, drink-fueled romance of a night out in bars of Granada or San Sebastián"
- Willamette Week Bar of the Year

“Bar Casa Vale is what we're missing: a raucous Spanish Cantina to keep you up all night."
- Portland Monthly Best New Restaurants

“Northern Spain invades East Portland in Bar Casa Vale, adding to the long list of reasons why we too should adopt the midday siesta”
-Thrillist 2016

“BCV has gone from being an exciting Spanish bar… to a bona fide restaurant… geek out over cider, sip low-proof aperitifs, sample clever “Pan-Latin” cocktails, or get wise to Spain’s robust gin-and-tonic tradition: giant goblets brimming with rotating botanicals and citrus”
-PDX Monthly Portland Restaurants for a Romantic Night Out

”At [BCV], you can watch bartenders classically pour sidra (cider) from above their heads, sample an effervescent txakolina wine, sip Spanish sherry all night long or go for a gin drink served in a giant piece of stemware”
-Liquor.com “Where to Drink Now”


Events, Parties & Catering

Private parties & Catering: click here for full details.

We love throwing parties! If you’re interested in hosting your party or event at Bar Casa Vale we have many options available. Offsite catering is also available. Want to learn more? Check here!

Upcoming Events:



Bar Casa Vale happily takes reservations! Reserve online here through Resy or call us at 503-477-9081!
For groups larger than 7, please call us at 503-477-9081 or email us at info@barcasavale.com!
For events or buyouts, please refer here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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