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Wood-fired, spanish influenced food & Drink

HOURS 4:00PM - 11:00PM
DINNER 5:00PM - 10:00PM
HAPPY HOUR 4:00PM - 6:00PM
CONTACT US: 503-477-9081



Valencia Almonds, basque chile 5. v∆
Quicos and Favas 4. v∆
Marinated Olives, bay leaf 5. v
Gilda, anchovy, olive, piparras 5.
Pan con Tomate 4. 
Cod Skewers, salsa verde 6.
Patatas Fritas, pimenton, aioli* 6. v
Grilled Pork Skewers, bay leaf 6.


Chicory Salad, radicchio, anchovy, breadcrumb, grana padano 10. v
Roasted Peppers, tonnato, mojama*9.
Carrot Salad
, dates, freekha, manchego, sunflower seeds 10. v ∆
Grilled Salsify Salad, tonnato, fennel, bottarga 10. v
Ensalada Rusa, beets, potatoes, radish, artichoke, walnut vinaigrette* 9. v ∆


Hamachi Crudo, preserved citrus, sea beans, fig leaf, nori* 12.
Beef Tartare,
turnip, cheddar, horseradish, crispy shiitake* 12.
Fried Calamari,
lemon, parsley, fried caper aioli* 10.
Gambas a la Plancha
, striped spot prawns, fermented chile, scallions 14.
Cod Croquettes, romesco, pickled seaweed 8.
Sourdough Flatbread
, fairytale eggplant, nigella seed, pecorino 9.
Grilled Shimaaji
, celery root, salsa verde 10
Chorizo Sausage,
chickpeas, tomato, fennel, aioli* 12.
Grilled Bone Marrow,
pickles, cultured butter, toast 13


Jamón Serrano Picante $14/oz.
Charcuterie Board 20.
Spanish and Domestic cured meats
Cheese Board 7 ea/19.v Mahon, Pascualino, Glacier Blue.



Seared Lingcod, chanterelle, sunchokes, chicory jam 14.
Roasted Lamb “Andalusian-Style”,
grilled leek, salsa viscaina 16.
Grilled Flatiron (8 oz)
, corn, peppers, wild mushrooms, tomatillo* 22.
Spanish Octopus
, grilled onion, kohlrabi, blood orange, sobrasada 26.
Kurobota Pork Short Rib
, puffed rice, grilled cabbage, quince* 18.
spigariello, turnip, almond picada, aioli* 18. v ∆
Paella, grilled chicken, prawns, clams, chermoula, saffron aioli* 25/38.

Chefs Tasting menu

$40/per person (full table participation required)

After Dinner Menu

DESSERT & Pairings

Xurros, toasted rice cream 7
Medium Dry Amontillado | Valdespino Contrabandista +9

Chocolate Mousse, macadamia, chips, black lime 7
Don Pedro Ximinez Gran Reserva | Toró Albala +13

Pinolo Gelato, lemon sorbetto 7
Liquore Strega | Italian Herbal Liqueur +7

Stumptown Coffee 4

Reserve Cocktails

Añejo Old Fashioned, Bank’s 7 Island aged rum, demerara 14
Cardenal Mendoza Toddy,
Cardenal Mendoza brandy, honey, lemon 14
Mudslide Flip,
Lustau East India, Tia Maria, whole egg 12

Interested in learning more about where our food comes from? Check out our purveyors & farmers!

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs, or unpasteurized milk may increase the risk of foodborne illness.
Contains nuts, v= vegetarian or vegan option available 18% gratuity added to parties of six or more.


| red or sparkling | - port, maraschino, citrus 10 | 28 (pitcher)
Picon Cooler - Amer Picon, sweet vermouth, angostura, soda water 10
Rosita Spritz - Altos Tequila, vermouth, campari, grapefruit soda 11 50/50
Frozen Martini - Plymouth gin, dry vermouth 12
Vermut Service - Yzaguirre reserva, piquillo olives, twist 32 (250ml)

, ESP. Spice - cucumber, lemon, and botanicals 15
Freeland Gin, OR. Floral - hibiscus, grapefruit twist, and botanicals 13
Tanqueray Malacca, UK. Citrus - rosemary, lemon, and botanicals 11
Aviation Gin, OR. Spice - cucumber, lime, botanicals 13
Brokers Gin, UK. Juniper - rosemary, lime, and botanicals 10
Hendricks, UK. Floral - cucumber, lime, and botanicals 12

Cocktail - Gin, cocchi americano, white port, gentian liqueur 11
Picon Punch Royale - house picon, grenadine, lemon, cava 11
Mate con Malicia - Fernet Vallet, iced mate, citrus, mint 12
Daiquiri - Magdalena Rum, Wray & Nephew, lime, oleo saccharum 11
Cáliz - Volstead vodka, hibiscus, lemon, oleo saccharum 10
Bourbon Reign - bourbon, lemon, fig syrup, vino tinto 11
Oaxacan Sour - mezcal, Ancho Reyes, pineapple gomme, lemon 12
Sidra Ponche - brandy, fino, lemon, Basque sidra 11
Que Rico! - Altos tequila, pineapple rum, coconut milk, citrus, mint 12
PX Old Fashioned - Mt. Gay Rum, pedro ximénez, angostura 11
Floridita Special - Rye whiskey, picon, sweet vermouth 12

Carajillo -
Coffee, house picon, coffee liqueur, cream 11
Reyes Toddy
- Banhez Mezcal, Ancho Reyes, honey, lemon 10
Hot Sidra Ponche
- brandy, fino, lemon, Basque cider 12
Cocoa Vale
- Chartreuse, Woodblock cocoa, Bitterman’s salt , honey 10

Glass Pours

Cava Brut Res. | Suriol | Macabeu, Xarel-lo, Parellada ’13 11/44

Getaria | Ameztoi Txakoli | Hondarribi Zuri ‘17 13/52
Bierzo | Armas de Guerra Blanco | Doña Blanc, Godello ‘16 11/44
Douro | Casa Ferreirinha Planalto Reserva | Field Blend ‘17 10/40
Baixas | Pazo de Galegos | Albariño ’17 15/60

Getaria | Ameztoi Txakoli Rosado | Hondarribi Zuri ‘17 13/52
Bierzo | Armas de Guerra Rosado | Menicia ‘16 11/44

Bierzo | Raúl Pérez ‘Gus’ | Mencia ‘14 12/48
Bierzo | Palacios de Canedo | Mencia ‘17 12/44
Getaria | Ameztoi Txakoli | Hondarribi Beltza ‘17 13/52
Rioja | Inteus “Aviadore” | Tempranillo Peludo ‘17 12/44
Priorat | Buil & Giné | Cariñena, Garnacha ‘16 15/60

Spanish Lager
, “Estrella Damm” ESP. 5.2% 4/6
, “pFriem Family Brewers” OR. 4.9% 4/6
India Pale Ale
, “Breakside” OR. 6.5% 4/6
Basque Sidra,
“Bereziartua” ESP. 6% (12 oz glass) 8

Flight of Three 14
Fino | Valdespino “Innocente” | Jerez de la Frontera 10
Fino | Cesar Florido Cruz del Mar | Chiponia 12
Manzanilla | Valdespino “Deliciosa” | Sanlucar de Barremeda 10 Manzanilla | Hidalgo Pasada | Sanlucar de Barremeda 15
Amontillado | La Garrocha | Puerto de Santa Maria 12
Palo Cortado | Valdespino Palo Cortado Viejo | Jerez de la Frontera 18 Oloroso | Hidalgo “Faraon” | Sanlucar de Barremeda 12
Oloroso | Fernando de Castilla “Classic”| Jerez de la Frontera 12 Medium-Dry Amontillado | Valdespino Contrabandista | de la Frontera12 Pedro Ximinéz | Toro Albalá 1987 Gran Reserva | Montilla-Moriles 13

Topo Chico 3 |
Vichy Catalan mineral water (500ml) 6
Fever Tree tonic, ginger ale, or Cock n Bull Ginger Beer, Mexican Coca Cola, 7up, or Jarritos Grapefruit soda 4
Steven Smith tea, iced tea or house lemonade 4
Stumptown coffee, decaf or cold brew coffee 3
Pineapple-lime tonic 5
House rasperry-hibiscus soda 5

Happy Hour

4PM - 6pm | 10PM - 11PM

Available until 6pm

1/2 Dozen Oysters 10
Hamachi Crudo, citrus, sea beans, fig leaf, nori* 10
Charcuterie Board 12
Cheese Board, accompaniments 12


Marinated Olives v 5
Basque Snack, almonds, quicos v 5
Charcuterie, accompaniments 12
Cheese Board, accompaniments 12 Ensalada Rusa, beets, potatoes, radish 7
Cod Croquettes, romesco 2/each
Cod Skewer, salsa verde 4
Grilled Pork Skewer, chermoula 6
Chicory Caesar, raddichio, grana padana 8
Patatas Fritas, pimenton, aïoli * v 5
Flatbread, squash, nigella seed, pecorino v 9
Fried Chicken, honey, manchego 5
Steamed Manila Clams, chorizo, fennel 10
BCV Burger - Mahon, cabbage, special sauce,
and grilled onion* | add bacon +2 | 9
Suckling Pork Sandwich, cabbage, peppers, aïoli, sesame bun 9
Charred Octopus, kohlrabi, blood orange, grilled onion, ‘nduja 26



17oz Draft Beer - three rotating taps 5
Tecate 3
House Wine - red or white 7
Sherry Flight - three 1oz pours 7
Kalimotxo - coca cola, red wine 6
Sherry Cobbler - sherry, demerara, citrus 6
Sangria - vino, brandy, citrus, demerara 7
Sidra Ponche - brandy, fino, lemon, sidra 7
Bourbon Reign - bourbon, fig, lemon, vino 7
Calíz - vodka, hibiscus, lemon, oleo 7
PX Old Fashioned - aged rum, px sherry, bitters 7

BCV About Us

Opened  in 2016

Bar Casa Vale is a cozy, wood-fired, Spanish inspired bar and restaurant. We celebrate the bounty of the  Pacific Northwest through the lens of Tapas bars in  Barcelona, Sherry bodegas in Jerez, and Pintxo crawls through San Sebastian.

We love to pour gin tonics the true Spanish way, and Jamon Iberico de Bellota slicing as it should be! You will find only the freshest seafood from the Pacific Ocean, meats from the pasture lands surrounding Portland, and vegetables grown on the farms located just down the street. 

Our moto is simple: Cooking the perfect ingredient over hard wood creates the best tasting food. Join us seven nights a week at our bar, dining room, or beautiful outdoor courtyard.



"[BCV] is one of the first to capture the carefree, drink-fueled romance of a night out in bars of Granada or San Sebastián"
- Willamette Week Bar of the Year

“Bar Casa Vale is what we're missing: a raucous Spanish Cantina to keep you up all night."
- Portland Monthly Best New Restaurants

“Northern Spain invades East Portland in Bar Casa Vale, adding to the long list of reasons why we too should adopt the midday siesta”
-Thrillist 2016

“BCV has gone from being an exciting Spanish bar… to a bona fide restaurant… geek out over cider, sip low-proof aperitifs, sample clever “Pan-Latin” cocktails, or get wise to Spain’s robust gin-and-tonic tradition: giant goblets brimming with rotating botanicals and citrus”
-PDX Monthly Portland Restaurants for a Romantic Night Out

”At [BCV], you can watch bartenders classically pour sidra (cider) from above their heads, sample an effervescent txakolina wine, sip Spanish sherry all night long or go for a gin drink served in a giant piece of stemware”
-Liquor.com “Where to Drink Now”




Events + Parties

Private parties & Catering:

We love throwing parties! If you’re interested in hosting your party or event at Bar Casa Vale we have many options available. Offsite catering is also available. Email us at info@barcasavale.com or give us a call at 503-477-9081.

Upcoming Events:



Bar Casa Vale happily takes reservations! Reserve online here through OpenTable or call us at 503-477-9081!
For groups larger than 7, please call us at 503-477-9081 or email us at info@barcasavale.com!
For events or buyouts, please refer here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!