We live in an amazing place! The people who have dedicated their lives to growing, catching, and finding the best possible ingredients happen to be our next door neighbors. This is unique in our city for two reasons: Our prime growing regions begin about ten miles from downtown Portland. Canby to the south and Sauvie Island to the Northwest. That means our farmers can load up their trucks with amazing produce and be at our door in fifteen minutes. That doesn’t happen in other big cities. We also have farmers growing inside of the Portland city boundary. You don’t see that in the likes of Seattle, SF, Chicago or New York! Our ocean is an hour away. Land to raise pigs, sheep, and cows are an hour away. Mushrooms growing the hills around us. Dairy farmers make cheese just up the road. We are living in a modern urban city surrounded by the best food panty in the world! Lucky us, huh?

The second reason that makes us uniqueL Oregons Urban Growth Boundary. Set into law on May 2nd, 1973, the Oregon Senate passed legislation that requires every urban area in Oregon to set an urban growth boundary that prohibits sprawl from affecting our farm lands and natural areas. This law gives a big middle finger to developers that want to cash in our beautiful nature.


Ayers Creek

Located Gaston, OR and run by Anthony and Carol Boutard. 140 acres established in 1998 on the banks of Ayers Creek in Gaston Oregon. They are certified Organic. These folks are truly incredible, they grow only what works on their land (no greenhouse or row covers) and only from their own carefully selected seeds. This process involves choosing the best varietals of each plant and selecting those seeds to replant each year. Sometimes this takes several years for them to reach the quality that they require to sell to restaurants. They grow items such as plums, grapes, blackberries, astiana tomatoes, parched green wheat, just to name a few!

Black Locust Farms

Located in Troutdale, run by Daniel Sullivan; established in 2014. They grow vegetables for restaurants year around. We work with them by taking what they have available; they specialize in heirloom varietals, greens, and herbs.

Black Sheep Farm

Olympia Washington.

Cascade Organic

Tigard, Oregon

Cow Bell

Located on SE 2nd and Alder. Local cheesemonger sourcing high end foreign and domestic cheeses. Any speciality cheese for our cheese boards is sourced from here! They are also the sole distributor for Black Sheep creamery that provides our fresh sheep cheese. One of the best local ingredients we have!

Ground Works Organic

Junction City, Oregon

Kens Artisan Bread

Located on NW 21st Ave. James Beard Award winner Ken Forkish gave up the life in Silicon Valley to become a master baker. After 20 years, he’s still going strong.

Olympia Provisions

Located on SE 2nd and Ankeny. Oregon’s first USDA certified meat curing operation. OP formed in 2009 (two of our wonderful owners at BCV are also owners of OP). They make over 50 different types of dry cured, smoked, steamed, and baked meat products. Pork accounts for the primary meat at Olympia, and they purchase the pigs from all over the Pacific NW. They buy only humanely raised pigs fed natural diets.

Peak Forest

Located “somehwere in the woods near Banks Oregon”. Lars Norgen, the owner, has been foraging for wild products since 1984. He’s a bit out there (as most mushroom pickers are) but he brings us amazing mushrooms and wild nettles. He also teaches at OSU and you can buy directly from him at the Hollywood Farmers Market!


European goods importer that specializes in hard to find items or items that are hard to match in quality.


Located in New York. Regalis is a speciality importer that deals in a lot of high end product. We purchase the Lady Edision Country Ham from them.

Rubinette Produce

Located off NE Sandy BLVD. Working out of Providore Fine Foods, Josh Alsberg helps us source speciality fruit and produce from outside the state. Citrus, green, almonds, and artichokes are but a few we can’t find here!

Sideyard Farm

Located here in Portland, Oregon.

True Worlds Foods

Located in Seattle, Washington. They are seafood purveyors that offer an extremely high level of sustainably harvested products.

Two X Sea

Located in Garibaldi, Oregon. They are purveyors of sustainable and responsibly harvested seafood. Based out of Pier 49 in San Francisco’s wharf, this company brings us a variety of sea creatures such as squid, clams, eel, black cod, etc. They source products from Baja to Alaska that are all transparent and traceable. They also own the worlds premier trout farm, McFarland Springs Trout, which raises fish in a natural environment with 100% vegetarian algae based feed.

Vibrant Valley Farms

Located in Sauvie Island, Oregon and founded by Kara Marie Gilbert in 2013. They grow certified organic vegetables. Cauliflower, broccoli, onion, cabbage, and so much more! Also grows most of the flowers that local florists buy, who knew!

Viridian Farm

Located in Salem Oregon, started by Pablo Munoz in 2007. They specialize in European products such as espelette, calcots, cogollos, and 100+ varieties of fruit.

Wilder Land and Sea

Located at NE 30th and Killingsowrth. All local meat and seafood is distributed to us from these great folks!
Cattail Creek Lamb (Junction City, OR). Payne Family Farm Pork (Carlton, OR). Cascade Natural Beef (Klamath Falls, OR). Marion Acres Poultry (Hillsboro, OR). All local seafood is sourced from the Garibaldi Marina in person by one of the owners. The product is all sustainably harvested by responsible practice such as hook & line and trap pots. The product is all traceable to the fishing vessels and captain’s name.

Wild Roots Farm

Located in Troutdale, Oregon and owned by Brian Shipman and Mary Colombo. Established in 2014, they share the same land as Black Locust, one of our other purveyors. Specializing in hierloom varietals, chicories, and root vegetables.

Wobbly Cart Farms

Located in Olympia, Washington.