Come Join Us From 4PM-10PM Every Sunday

In the Barceloneta neighborhood of Barcelona, Sundays are reserved for family, friends and rice.  We're honing that tradition at Bar Casa Vale with our own wood fired Paella menu.  Three versions of Paella are available, along with Pintxos, Tapas, and pitchers of sangria (don't forget true Spanish style gin tonics).   So grab your neighbors, load up the family, message your friends, and join us this summer for Paella Sunday


Mixed Paella,
grilled chicken, chorizo, prawns, clams, chermoula, herbs 25/38

Seafood Paella,
grilled squid, prawns, clams, mussels, arroz negro, salsa verde 25/38

Vegetable Paella
grilled seasonal vegetables, piri piri, herbs, radish, preserved lemon, potxa beans 23/34


Gilda, anchovy, olive, piparras 5.
Almonds, basque chile 5. v∆
Marinated Olives
5. v
Artisan bread,
tomato conserva 5. v
Grilled Prawn Skewers,
mojo verde 8.
Pork Collar Skewers, chermoula 5.
Jamón Serrano Picante 14/oz.
pan con tomate, chile Valencia almonds
Jamón Iberico de Bellota 21/oz. pan con tomate, chile Valencia almonds
Jamón Serrano & Spanish Cheese 15. Veigedarte goat’s cheese, honey


Roasted Beets, smoked labneh, dukkah, chile, beet shoots v 8.
Little Gems, “spanish caesar”, piquillo pepper, almonds, garrotxa * 12.


Albacore Crudo, aguachile, cucumber, preserved lemon, radish* 14.
Patatas Bravas,
brava sauce, aioli, scallions, cilantro* 5. ¡make it extra brave! +10
Paté de Pollo, liver mousse, cara cara marmalade, sherry gelatina, baguette 12.
Spanish Cheese Fritters, manchego, mahon, romesco, preserved lemon v 11.